Why choose Cole Oil?

1.) Customer FIRST Service
2.) Exceptional quality control
3.) Drivers who care
4.) Competitive pricing
5.) Problem solving solutions
6.) Keep full/budget/prebuy programs

Propane for All Uses

Cole's Propane started delivering in 1990. Several years later we have 4 large propane bulk tanks, plenty of friendly drivers and a service man. We have prebuy and budget programs available, keep full service, and call in service. 

Fuel Oil for Home Delivery

Cole Oil Co Inc. takes pride in providing exceptional fuel oil delivery in the Lomira and surrounding area for over 90 years. We take pride in our product quality control and clean hassle free deliveries. With our teams many years of experience, we can answer any questions customers may have. Cole Oil takes service to a new level with keep full service, budget programs, pre-buy programs, and many times same day delivery when needed. Competitive pricing is always important to our customers and this has kept a loyal customer base over the years. GIVE US THE CHANCE TO KEEP YOU WARM THIS WINTER!!


Cole Oil Co Inc. is a lubricant distributor with many years of experience serving industrial, construction, farming, and trucking companies. We handle Chevron and Mobil as our premium lines with some alternative products when these are not available. Our Cole Oil Valutech line is a quality lower cost alternative to the major brands. We also handle DEF for low-emissions engines. We can give customers technical support through our suppliers when needed as well as oil sampling. Cole Oil will help you run smoothly now and in the future.